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Through an extensive process of teamwork and strive to exceed our customers expectations in all aspects of our business.
Pre-press Analysis
Each process to Vertex is governed by a standardized, measurable process control. These controls begin with each component of every job. For example, each transparency is logged in on a code system that details all pertinent job data. Process control scales are generated with all film. All transparencies are scanned to a server disk and this information along with all iterations is stored on DVD or CD-ROM for backup. Our proofing system is standardized by the control of density, dot gain, and spectral balance. The performance standards of plate making are measured by monitoring the process control guides integrated on each plate.
Press Room
Vertex has a compliment of 5 Sheet-fed presses from 19_ to 30_. For development of special shades our in-house facilities include mixing custom colours using top of the line spectrophotometeres to measure colour in three dimensions including new Pantone Formula Scale guaranteeing accurate colour matching. For the custom shades to be used on regular basis, we have a contract with Coats Pakistan Ltd. (A joint venture of Coats Japan and Packages Ltd. producing printing inks) who would produce any special shade for us even in the minimum quantity of two kilograms.
  • 1 Roland Favourite, 4 unit
  • 1 Solna 225 Plus 2 unit
  • 2 Solna 125 1 unit
  • 1 Solna 164 1 unit
    Its all about people
    Service and quality do not come from bits and bytes, and they do not come from iron in a press room. Service and quality come from people! Vertexs biggest asset is the people who run all the equipment. Vertex has developed a seasoned group of senior managers, skilled craftsmen and support staff who understand the scope of high quality printing. Vertex has a great reputation and has attracted, trained and kept some of the very best people in the business. Having a very low turn over of employees has allowed for great synergy and teamwork to be developed. We believe our commitment to our people will continue to pay dividends.
    1 Apple G5 Dual Quad Core with Apple Cinema Display 27
    2 Apple G5 Dual i7 with Apple Cinema Display 27
    1 Inetl Quad Core with 21 Display
    Press Analysis
    Process control bars that allow objective statistical analysis are run on each press form. These forms are analysed by
    the shift manager on every make-ready. The information of the complete workflow that is analysed includes:
    • Solid density and ink trap/ink film thickness
    • Contour curves plotting dot gain in the quarter middle and three quarter tone printed areas.
    • Printing contrast (shadow details)
    • Gray balance control
    • Hue/error - greyness
    The objective of this and other analyses is to accurately measure the performance of all press equipment to allow any variations to be identified and remedied immediately.
    By continually narrowing the tolerances accepted in our equipment, we strive to constantly improve the quality and
    consistency of our work.
    Digital Photography
    Our in-house studio equipped with Canon 5D-Mark II & Canon 7D cameras with professional studio grade lighting system. Remote photography and colour manipulation software, provides us an edge over the competition. Our colour manipulation skills of Gretags Photostudio enables us to see 99% accurate colour on our press view monitors and achieve the same tones in our printed results.

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