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Vertex is a full service printer servicing the high end segment of the commercial printing market where product quality and responsiveness to customer needs (e.g., the ability to meet extremely tight deadlines while maintaining the highest degree of quality) are of utmost importance. Vertex has captured a significant market share of quality advertising/promotional printing, and also developed an outstanding reputation for development and printing of home textile packaging materials.
Vertex has generated a strong national and international base of loyal customers including major groups in textile export market, leading brands and businesses in Pakistan and abroad, In addition to a broad spectrum of corporations, Vertex has provided services to customers in such diverse industries as finance, entertainment, retail, fashion, real estate, pharmaceutical, automotive and other manufacturing industries,
Vertex has achieved its current level of excellence through a combination of a highly skilled work force, high-tech. facilities and equipment, and prides itself on a long-standing reputation of customer satisfaction and uncompromising effort for the highest standards of quality. You can be assured that our commitment and support to you is our primary goal. We intend to continue to expand, research new products and technologies, and perfect them for your use. All of this leads towards our ultimate goal-to provide the highest quality printed product available in the world. Vertex vision is to receive recognition for the intrinsic role played by the superb printing and related services provided by Vertex in enhancing the value of our customers products and businesses.
Only by controlling all of the variables within a given process can consistent results be realized. Vertex has implemented a system of controlling the variables within the various lithographic processes. Our philosophy is one of quality assurance through constant analysis and feedback rather than quality control, the constant search for errors. Outlined below is a brief description, by process, of how we meticulously strive to consistently provide the highest quality, printed product available.
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